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How to Get Your Property to Sell Faster

Ever wonder why a builder’s model home is so appealing? It is usually the staging! Many buyers find it difficult to envision a home’s possibilities. Every property has a vibe and it is an experienced agent’s job to understand that vibe and determine the most likely buyer or target demographic. A 2 bedroom condo might be most appealing with staging that creates a cool, hip, uptown look; while transforming a 4 bedroom northwest contemporary house into a trendy mid-century haven could maximize its’ value. Staging creates a “visual illusion” to both the buyers and agents viewing your property.

Before staging, a home will often have a strong imprint of an owner’s individual style, including personal photos, which can distract a buyer. Our job is to keep the buyer’s focus on the house rather than a seller’s personal items. Staging brings the special aspects and unique appeal of a property to the foreground, allowing qualified buyers to visualize the home as their own.

Most agents will tell you that staging will help sell a home; but a good agent will tell you that the “right” staging can make thousands of dollars difference in your final sale price. Jane and Stephanie’s goal is to create excitement when people enter your home. Not every home needs, or will benefit from, staging. Jane and Stephanie always help you determine what is economically best for your specific situation. They will let you know when staging your property will help to maximize your bottom line, or when it would likely be a waste of your hard earned money.

Professional staging is just one of the many steps Jane and Stephanie take to assure you net top dollar and premium terms.

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